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Anglophile Icons

related to costume dramas

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A costume drama icon group.
Welcome to the Anglophile Icons Community. Feel free to post any icons, graphics or pictures that are related to period films or miniseries.

Please remember to follow the rules of the icon-creator, if you plan on using their icon. NO STEALING. Most people will ask that you do give them credit and comment, so please do so - it's a common courtesy. (You do this by adding "by" followed by their name in your icon keywords.)


Please post costume drama icons ONLY.
Some people are still on a dial up connection. It's not fair to make them wait for 100+ icons in a multi fandom post to download before they find the handful of costume drama icons. We like it more when you separate costume drama icons from everything else. If people like your work, they will click around in your icon journal and find more of your modern material, but we want costume drama icons advertised here -- not Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or SG1.

If it's not from a costume drama movie or television show, we don't want it.
This means no calender shots, stock photos, or actor/actress-themed icons. It must be from a film!

No sexually explicit or homosexual-themed icons.
Our membership is made up of young and old alike, and out of respect for age groups and interests, we decline any icons that violate our standards. No exceptions.

Please tag your entries!
It's not that hard. You post, then hit "edit tags," and choose the appropriate subjects from the list. It saves me having to go back every week and tag 40 different posts.

Frequent Questions:

What time periods do you allow?
Anything from ancient times up to WWII. Originally, I wasn't going to allow anything past 1912, but we have so many talented icon makers who like producing material from WWII-esque productions, that it seemed unfair to limit them.

Why don't you allow gay-friendly icons?
Out of respect for the values of a large portion of our contributers and viewers. I'm sure there are other gay-themed communities you can post to.